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I've decided to take my photography a lot more seriously, and if possible, make it more than just a hobby.

Therefore I have decided to go back through my gallery and remove all the photos I'm dissatisfied with, so that only the best remain.

I've also decided to share my photography on other websites. I'll give you an update on this later.

Anyways... Since I have made these decisions, I'll probably post less frequently, since the quality of my photos have to be better, but I hope you'll still support me.

Thank you, everybody, for supporting me so far, and I hope you'll still be here later on! :heart:

For now, goodbye and see you later! 
I've always had an interest in photography.

It can capture precious moments, so we'll never forget,
with it, you can show others how you see the world,
it's a way to express yourself, an art.

I loved capturing small moments with friends and family, and even though they weren't the best, the photos played a big part of my life. But I really got into it when my father bought me a camera for my birthday, with this I'd take photos of everything and everyone with no goal in mind.

When i later discovered deviantART I was delighted to browse through photos and enjoy the world through other's eyes. After some years I considered making my own profile and submit my photos for the world to see, but I was hesitant, thinking I wasn't good enough. So I decided to wait till i was content and satisfied with my photos. 
With that goal in mind, I began to take photography very seriously, experimenting with my camera, with composition and editing. My photography greatly improved in that time and made me confident enough to start sharing my world.

And so here I am, 3 months later with my hundredth deviation recently submitted. I would never expect to get anything in return for my amateur photos, but I was wrong; I received plenty of favorites, comments and even watchers!
To all of these people kind enough to look at my pictures, I want to say this:

Thank you all so much for everything! Although it may seem small or insignificant to others, 
it means the world to me! It is only with your support that I dare to submit more, it is from your support i find the confidence to keep going. Thank you!

To celebrate this wonderful site and all the wonderful people one it, I've decided to feature some randoms from my favorites:

28.6.2014: Early Summer Morning by SuensyanOne by DanielBrooksLaurentWeightless by LovieLovetreeRaised by Trees + CALENDAR by Miguel-SantosA Leaf Entered Today by DanielBrooksLaurentColors Of The Wood by LarsVanDeGoorMotherland Chronicles #51 - Erin by zemotionportrait by MartaSyrkoNight Angel by A2MatosArchilochus colubris by Andres-Cadenayoung writers by jyoujoThe Queen by IndigoSummerrSunflower by ShadoiskTasty by RalfPfaarPhotographyyou're as cold as october rain by fotomademoiselleyour vanity shows, my dear by fotomademoiselleThe Sargent's Cherry by IdelleXDreaming a Dream by WhiteBookDancing Cosmos in Drizzle by DanielBrooksLaurentCatcher by IndigoSummerrUnwilling by LovieLovetreeSubtle Changes by DanielBrooksLaurentThe Two Sisters by laura-makabreskuThe Cold, The Dark and The Silence by AlexandrinaAnaPoem of levitation by Piroshki-PhotographyA Simple Concept by jyoujoThe Shipwreck by IzwanshahLa Regina dei Miei Sogni Morti by LenteScura

Once again, Thank you!